Call4Biryani is about the childhood memories that the chef has lived throughout the process of growing up. Biryani essentially is a means to celebrate in every household but when she reached to Marwar she felt something she is missing here. Despite the fact that Jodhpur is the city of foodies she felt the absence of the authentic taste and aroma of Biryani in her new city, Jodhpur.

With the passage of time, she tried to understand the needs of foodies, their taste, their spice level and most importantly quality of food. She kept researching and meanwhile prepared herself to introduce Jodhpurites(Marwar) the real taste of Biryani.

She was desperate to start this initiative because of her experience and taste enriched with the learning that came along from different parts of the country. She feels lucky to get a chance to live in different parts of the country which are mostly known as Biryani origins. As ancestral settlements moved places and being a foodie she also kept moving and enjoying different types of Biryanis. The most beloved Biryani she found was Lucknawi and Hyderabadi. Though types of Biryani may vary from veg to non-veg to egg, the bond with biryani for her was always unbreakable.

Taking the leap of this biryani love forward, the chef endeavored to share her cherished memories in the form of the flavors of biryani that she has grown up with. After proper research and development finally, it was the day when Call4Biryani was launched in Jodhpur on 4th November 2018. The chef and team were much excited as this concept of Biryani on Call was something new in Jodhpur. But if you prepare well and execute rightly then results are always good. Call4Biryani got an overwhelming response in a few days of launching which was the real inspiration for doing much better in the coming future.

The offering at Call4Biryani has the most influence from Southern India, the method of preparation and spices used are bought from Coorg, Karnataka and Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, which adds to its authenticity and flavor as Call4Biryani believes in quality more than quantity. With the beginning of Call4Biryani, she has set a goal to always provide the food which is not only tempting but healthy and hygienic too with the goodness of homemade food included. The meat we use is always fresh and halal.

Within one year Call4Biryani has gained people's trust and love through quality food and service. Now extending the services we have launched Galouti Kabab which is a specialty of Lucknow with combination or different types of paratha like Laccha paratha, Rumali roti, and normal paratha. Chicken options like fried chicken, chicken curry, chicken korma, chicken biryani have also started in your own city, Jodhpur and have plannings to add more delicious items on the menu very soon to keep your hunger in control.

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